World Trade Symposium:
A global trade resurgence?

Covid-19, protectionism, and global tensions have impacted trade like never before. A 13% decline in trade volumes in 2020 is the World Trade Organisation’s best case scenario. But, with vaccines expected to come to market, and new leaders in the White House and in the WTO, a recovery in 2021 may yet be on the cards.

With this incessant change, what must governments, businesses and international institutions do to put economies, and their own organisations back on track? What lessons from covid-19 must become embedded into trade frameworks? How can stakeholders leverage digital trade and new technology to enhance resiliency and sustainability? And where do opportunities exist for firms in the post-covid 19 world?

The World Trade Symposium will debate these critical issues, provide practical solutions and uncover new opportunities for businesses across industries and geographies. Our expert speaker faculty of established corporate leaders, trade financiers and policymakers will share the stage with fresh-thinking innovators and startup bosses who aim to make world trade more robust, sustainable and inclusive.

Join us over 3 days to:

  • Learn how macroeconomic trends will affect your business and investments
  • Examine the latest digital trade technologies and solutions to stay ahead of the competition
  • Evaluate innovative opportunities in sustainable, equal and inclusive trade
  • Hear practical, actionable solutions from corporate leaders, innovators, policymakers and experts to incorporate into your firm’s trade strategy

Day 1: New World Order in Trade: What it means for you?


Opening remarks and briefing


Opening remarks and briefing


Opening keynote panel: Navigating the new normal


Future-focused: Agile trade


Insight session: Thriving amid change


Session close

Day 2: Digitalising the supply chain: A business imperative


Insight session: Resilient supply chains


Future-focused: How to build a high-performing supply chain


Quick-fire presentations


Session close

Day 3: Sustaining progress towards a greener future


Ambition vs reality: Fair and inclusive trade


Future-focused: Can inclusive trade be as profitable?


Closing keynote interview: The world in 2030: Trade priorities and prospects


Closing remarks


Session close